Whether you’re thinking of all-new construction or adding on to an existing structure, this type of building is more versatile than you might expect and offers many benefits that make it worth considering.


portrait of Mike TrapinoYou may not have heard the term “pre-engineered metal building” (PEMB) before, but it’s very likely that you’ve seen them around the Madison area. PEMBs are often single-story structures that are framed, sided, and roofed with steel. They can have a wide variety of design details and finishes to match different architectural styles.

“The versatility of PEMBs makes them ideal for a great many uses, including recreational, retail, industrial, light manufacturing, transportation, municipal buildings and more,” says Mike Trapino, operations manager for National Construction and our sister division NCI-Roberts Construction. Some of the benefits of using PEMBs include:


large space with bare concrete floor, ted metal support beams, white walls, and round windows.National has incorporated PEMBs into many client projects.  “The many advantages of this type of building mean that PEMBs are becoming more popular,” says Mike. Some of National’s PEMB projects include KEVA Multi-Tenant Facility and Field, Watco, and Miller & Sons Grocery Verona.

When working on PEMBs, National provides the full scope of general contractor services, including preconstruction,  sitework, excavation, mechanical, engineering, plumbing, fire protection, interior framing and finishes, and more. Get in touch with us to discuss your project, no matter where you are in the planning process, or explore recent and current projects on our website!

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