National Construction advocates for contractor-architect collaboration early on, knowing it will lead to the most efficient use of your funds. This process begins with the end in mind when you, the owner, choose one firm for both design and construction services; we, as general contractor, subcontract the architect. Here, the construction contract is negotiated as together we define plans and specifications that meet your needs and budget.


An alternative to design-build is the team approach, where you, the owner, negotiate separate contracts with National Construction and the architecture firm of your choice, and we work as a team to design and budget the project. Once plans and specifications are established, we as general contractor lead the subcontractor bidding process to develop our fixed contract with you.

The design-build and team approaches promote financial and operational transparency from the construction and design teams.


This traditional process begins with you, the owner, negotiating a contract with an architectural firm to design your project. National Construction then submits a fixed bid to complete the work based on the architect’s plans and specifications. Other commercial general contractors do the same, and you select one – most often based on the lowest bid. National Construction’s in-house, experienced carpenters make this an ideal process for interior remodel projects in particular. But regardless of the type of project, our balanced overhead and capacity make us a competitive option. You can request a proposal here on our website and upload your RFP; we also appreciate the opportunity to be on your bid list in the future.

Construction Management

In this building and design process, National Construction can serve as a construction manager, or as a subcontractor for a construction manager. Here, the owner negotiates separately with a construction manager and architect. The construction manager bids work by division, and the owner enters into separate contracts with each subcontractor and supplier.

Owner’s Representative and Program Management

National Construction can serve as your advocate throughout the building design and construction process. You, the owner, contract solely with us. We recommend a process for architect selection and contractor selection and bidding, and coordinate all activities that follow. This is a particularly beneficial arrangement if you’re lacking in-house construction expertise, or your staff doesn’t have time to manage additional projects.

Don’t See What You Need?

Our commitment to personalized service means we’re willing to work with you to meet your needs, whether or not they’re specified within the options listed above. Some examples include: